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Peaceful Lake

Encima Travels was born out of my personal passion for exploration, immersing myself in nature, and uncovering new destinations. Growing up in a family where travel and adventure were valued, I had the privilege of planning trips that catered to both younger and older generations. These experiences not only brought us closer together but also left us with treasured memories.

Through my experiences working with family businesses, I realized the significance of fostering strong bonds with the older generation. Recognizing the positive impact that active trips, such as hiking and skiing, can have on families, I decided to establish Encima Travels. Encima Travels is designed for individuals who love being in nature, seek active adventures, and enjoy a touch of luxury while building stronger bonds with their families. Our trips offer a chance for both generations (parents and children) to engage in exciting and memorable experiences together.

Tailored to many generations 

To the younger generation, we assure you that with Encima Travels, you'll never view traveling with your parents as boring. We curate unique adventures that are bound to create positive and lasting impressions.


To the older generation, we believe that age should never hinder one's willingness to try something new. You're never too old to embark on an exciting journey and make unforgettable memories.


 While our focus is on multigenerational travel, we warmly welcome anyone who shares a love for exploration and seeks to embark on a remarkable trip.

Let Encima Travels be your guide on this incredible journey.

Our Team.

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